What Opportunities Are Hidden In The Textile Supply Chain?

- Apr 11, 2017 -

From development to optimization, from rapid response to green manufacturing, from business to fashion, from management to integration, from innovation to cloud manufacturing, supply chain General Assembly always guides and grows along with China's textile and garment enterprises on the road to build excellent supply chain.

Ten years of wind and rain, the supply chain assembly opened the textile and garment industry focus on the field of supply chain, promote international exchanges, assist the industrial upgrading, promote industrial integration, expand the development of ideas, the General Assembly has grown into the field of textile and garment international Influence event. (Textile & Apparel Weekly)

In the "Thirteen-Five" period, the industry needs three transformations, namely, from the traditional industry or labor-intensive industries to the technology industry, green industry, fashion industry, forming the industrial structure of "new three board" of China's textile industry — — with high quality and high performance fiber, industrial textiles, high-end intelligent manufacturing as the representative of the Science and technology industry plate, to garment brands, home textiles brand as the representative of the fashion industry plate, as well as the entire industrial chain processing industry plate.

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