The Influence Of Classic Yarn On Textile Products

- Jul 11, 2017 -

  The Influence of Classic Yarn on Textile Products

  1. warmth

  The structural characteristics of the classic yarn and the warmth of clothing have a certain relationship, because the structure of the classic yarn determines whether the formation of static fibers between the air layer.

  The classic yarn structure fluffy, the fabric of the gap more, the formation of the air layer, no wind, more static air, warmth better; and wind, the air can smoothly through the classic yarn, so cool it is good.

  For the structure of the classic yarn, woven fabric structure is relatively close, so the air flow is blocked, the warmth is better; and the structure is too tight, the fabric to keep the air to reduce, that is, to reduce the air, The warmth is poor.

  2. Hygroscopicity

  The moisture absorption of the classic yarn depends on the fiber properties and the classic yarn structure. Such as filament yarn smooth, woven into the fabric easily posted on the body, if the fabric is more tight, moisture is difficult to penetrate the fabric. Staple fiber classic yarn surface with fluffy, reduce contact with the skin, improve the permeability, so comfortable to wear.

  Second, the classic yarn structure on the durability of the impact

  ① classic yarn tensile strength, elasticity and wear resistance affect the durability of clothing. Subject to the classic yarn structure.

  ② the impact of the classic yarn structure on the pilling performance: filament yarn in a fiber fracture, one end is still attached to the yarn, the end of the fracture itself, by the friction from the ball; blended staple fiber classic yarn, poor cohesion , Easy to prolapse.

  ③ the impact on flexibility

  Staple fiber classic yarn: the sponge yarn to exert a certain external force, short fiber from the curl is straightened to cancel the external force, which can restore elasticity; and in the staple fiber is straightened to continue after its force, the staple Slip or slip, then cancel the external force will produce irreversible deformation.

  Filament classic yarn: the application of external force on the filament yarn, because it does not curl itself, the degree of extension depends on the performance of the fiber, so its less elastic.

  Twist on the elastic also have a greater impact: twist large classic yarn, fiber friction is also large, so in the elastic range, it is not easy to be stretched, the elasticity is relatively poor; and twist small classic yarn, inter-fiber friction The force is relatively small, relatively easy to be stretched, the elasticity is better.

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