Textile Three Major Raw Materials Market Morning

- Apr 11, 2017 -

Cotton (2.10): Spot after a few days ago, the current maintenance adjustments, Jiangsu White cotton is 3-level, 4-level quotation 15500-16000 yuan/ton gross weight self mention, downstream to see the mentality thickening, some spinning enterprises said the rise in the spring festival after the cotton is driven, because cotton will affect the March dumping prices, after the rise is watching, such as cotton continue to uplink, still will buy some cotton, in case the dumping price rises, outside cotton maintained, waiting to shoot the storage.

Polyester Staple Fiber (2.10): Waiting for the Lantern Festival after the clear guidelines, polyester market continued stability, polyester staple fiber also look at the horizontal disc, Jiangsu and Zhejiang 1.4D straight spinning polyester staple fiber mainstream 8750-9000 yuan/ton The factory, real single can talk.

Viscose Staple Fiber (2.10): Price center of gravity continue to rise, yesterday today's viscose factory quotation again pulled up 100-200 yuan/ton, midrange quotation is generally not less than 17000 yuan/ton, the mainstream manufacturers quote to 17200-17300 yuan/ton, the real single execution more than 17000 yuan/ton, the center of gravity 17000-17100 yuan/ton, some high intention to execute 17200-17300 yuan/ton. High-end manufacturers to carry out a deal to do real 17300 yuan/ton, some of the intent to quote 17500 yuan/ton.

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