Textile Innovation Is The Motive Force Of Development

- Apr 11, 2017 -

At the 2014 China new Fabric Market Seminar, Xu Wenying said that this year, the national textile industry's main operating indicators have maintained a steady growth, but compared with the same period last year, the growth rate has decreased markedly. Industry operation shows the production growth, export growth rate further down, the benefits of a smooth slowdown, investment in a slightly restored characteristics. "Although the whole textile industry is running smoothly, but the industry's production, export, domestic sales, investment, profit scale slowdown, the textile industry in the current development is still facing a series of practical problems." Xu Wenying said.

Now, he says, the problems of cotton are still more influential in the industry. "Cotton problem is always the wind vane of the market operation of the textile industry." This year, despite the country's reserves of cotton storage floor has decreased, but due to the international cotton harvest, so the overall low international cotton prices, cotton prices and outside the difference is always maintained at 3000 yuan/ton. Since late October June, the internal and external cotton spreads to 5500 RMB/ton. Now the domestic cotton market situation is complex, the market expectation is difficult to be conclusive. Affected by the decline of cotton prices and the supply of large, 2014 the first half of chemical fiber and its raw material prices overall downward. Because the terminal demand lacks the fundamental impetus to rebound, so the price is difficult to transfer, the middle reaches two trapped. Xu Wenying said.

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