Talking About How To Prevent Classic Yarn Yarn Defects

- Jun 28, 2017 -

  Talking about how to prevent Classic Yarn yarn defects

  Excellence, check the quality of the source from the beginning. Improve the quality of the product reputation is guaranteed,  in all production operations to implement the "quality first" thinking. Only for the production of better Ma lin yarn.

  Classic yarn small knowledge: how to do to prevent Classic Yarn defects, to do five defense.

  1, to control the roving (Ma gray yarn) Defects: Classic Yarn to improve the quality of the package, the roving surface to include the slope of the fly to clear, after the package note the yarn tail no roving, not roving (especially the top row).

  2, anti-joint defects: to improve the quality of joints, joints to do before the three check (check roving, check the collector, check bar dry). When the joints meet the white point, to pull the re-connected. Fly back to the wire does not attach to the yarn, around the roller, around the tape with the file to break the net. Oil stains do not joints (such as the ingot belt, wiping the neck, twist the seat, stripping roller, wipe the steel plate, sweeping, etc. to wipe clean hands).

  3, anti-rough, thick weft yarn (Ma gray yarn): pull the air ingot, Classic Yarn the roving late, to prevent double roving feeding.

  4, anti-tight twist off the weft: no one hand operation, one hand yarn.

  5, anti-cleaning work defects: to hand to, eyes, and resolutely implement the cleaning method, is strictly prohibited flying into the yarn, resulting in yarn defects.

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