Scarf Yarn Purchase Method

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Scarves of the fabric, divided into double, twill, foreign spinning, jacquard double to, georgette, Dongfeng yarn, which double A scarf most affordable, high quality and durable; foreign yarn scarf cheap and cheap, light and lively when worn In the spring and summer use; twill silk scarf quality mid-range, bright color, practical strong; jacquard double to the high quality of the scarf, is a high-end products; Geqi yarn and Dongfeng yarn scarf to plain, suitable for shawls.

Silk scarves of the process are monochrome, printing, embroidery, hand-painted and other varieties. One of the most common printing scarf, flower pattern with geometric patterns, flowers, abstract flowers, etc., of which geometric shapes and flowers and their mixed flowers the most common.

In the purchase of scarves, the first look at the color of the printing and dyeing quality, monochrome scarves require uniform color and purity, there should be no deep file; printing scarves require exquisite printing. Sets of accurate version of the color, not pure color; See whether the fabric is woven defective, with or without grease stains; the last look to be, to require hand-rolled or hand-pull, curling to full, edge silk straight and not twisted, suture needle is also small; pull must be straight and tidy , Not chaos silk.

In general, the elderly require a deeper color, fabric quality, printing and dyeing process requirements higher. Double crepe and jacquard double crepe scarves are more suitable for middle-aged women to use, flower pattern emphasis on the floor or ham flowers. Young people to pursue the flow of color, change fast, so the choice of cheap foreign spinning towel more appropriate, modeling emphasis on geometric graphics and abstract patterns, bright colors, lines clear outline, giving a vibrant feeling.

According to the season, the occasion of different, use different colors of scarves. Such as the spring and summer season should be light, autumn and winter season should be dark; wedding banquet to wear bright color fancy some of the funeral should wear deep color or black and white plain. In addition, but also with the clothing suit to match the suit, requiring scarves pattern, color, style and clothes are similar to the formation of a complete package, giving a sense of elegance.

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