Men T-shirt Are Widely Used

- Jul 24, 2017 -

  Men T-shirt are widely used, generally cotton, linen, wool, silk, chemical fiber and blended fabric, especially cotton, linen or linen blended better, with breathable, soft, comfortable, cool, sweat, heat The Men T-shirt are often knitwear, but because of the changing needs of consumers, design is also increasingly renovated, so the woven fabric Men T-shirt are also available, become a new member of the T-shirt family. This T-shirt is often used ribs or ribs sleeve, ribbed clothing edge, and embellishment to machine embroidery, trademark, not only embodies the clothing designer's originality, but also make Men T-shirt unique, adding clothing beauty. In the woven T-shirt fabric, the preferred number to have a light, soft, smooth and so on the characteristics of silk fabrics, skin care wearing a particularly comfortable. The use of silk silk or washed nylon silk Men T-shirt, such as supplemented by inlay art, so that Men T-shirt add a special style and artistic charm, loved by young men and women. In addition, there are woven silk and rayon woven by the Fuchun spinning, the special treatment of the peach skin polyester silk, silk washed silk, silk silk are T shirt selection of the ideal fabric, inexpensive cotton Fabric has become the darling of T-shirt fabric. It has a natural, relaxed and sweat, breathable, no allergic reactions to the skin, wearing comfort and other characteristics, the largest proportion in the Men T-shirt, to meet people back to basics, advocating natural psychological requirements.

  Because Men T-shirt are people in a variety of occasions can wear clothing, style is also slightly changed, such as in the T-shirt for the appropriate decoration, you can add infinite charm. The use of oily signature in the light-colored T-shirt with English letters or Chinese phonetic alphabet written on their own or the name of the idol, but also can draw a few simple and full of funny strokes, look chic and chic. You can also use colorful wool in the T-shirt on the two sleeves pick out the little bit of small floral or simple geometric graphics, it is not interesting. You can also put two very different T-shirt color cut into two halves, after the exchange and then patch together, can form a special style.

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