Men's T-shirt Is One Of The Most Popular Clothing In Spring And Summer

- Jul 24, 2017 -

  Men's T-shirt is one of the most popular clothing in spring and summer, especially in the scorching sun, summer heat, T-shirts with its natural, Men's T-shirt comfortable, chic and yet dignified feeling and gradually replace the old men Wearing a vest or a sweater as a fashionable dress for people. It is said that the world's annual sales have reached billions of pieces, and jeans constitute the world's most popular, wearing the largest number of clothing.

  T-shirt, also known as T-shirt, was initially underwear, Men's T-shirt in fact, half-collar collar collar shirt, and later developed into the coat, including T-shirt T-shirt and T-shirt shirt two series. The origin of the name of the T-shirt has been different opinions,

  A saying is the 17th century in the United States, Maryland, Annapolis unloading tea wharf workers are wearing this wide and wide stripes with wide hair band, vivid and playful, not rigid. Sleeves, people "Ten" (tea) abbreviated as "T", this shirt called T-Shirt that T-shirt;

  The second argument is in the 17th century, Men's T-shirt the British sailor ordered to add a short sleeve on the vest to cover armpit hair, to avoid unsightly;

  There is also a saying from the sleeve and the upper body constitutes a "T" shape, that is, its clothing for the T-shaped stitch collar, hence the name.

  In 1913, the US Navy regulations sailors uniforms wearing a sailor collar short sleeve white t-shirt, Men's T-shirt one of the reasons is to cover the sailors are thick chest hair.

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