Latch Needle Yarn Process Characteristics

- May 27, 2017 -

Process characteristics of Latch Needle Yarn

The use of knitting needle to a variety of raw materials and varieties of yarn constitute a coil, and then connected by a string into a needle needle knitting process. Latch Needle Yarn material soft, good wrinkle resistance and breathability, and a greater degree of flexibility and flexibility, wearing comfortable. Tongue knitting yarn products in addition to serving and decorative, but also for industrial and agricultural and medical and health and defense and other fields. Latch Needle Yarn hand hand needle knitting yarn and machine Latch Needle Yarn two categories. Handmade Latch Needle Yarn using a needle, a long history, skillful, flower-shaped flexible, widely spread in the folk and development.

Process characteristics

According to the different process characteristics, Latch Needle Yarn production sub-weft and warp knitting two categories. In the weft production of raw materials through the yarn after the yarn can be directly on the machine production. Each of the yarns is placed in the weft direction on the respective needles of the weft knitting needle knitting machine to form a weft knitted fabric. In the production of raw materials through warp yarn, warping, yarn parallel to the winding axis, and then on the machine production. Yarn from the by

The shafts are lowered and the respective yarns are placed along the longitudinal sides of the warp on one or up to two knitting needles of warp knitting tongs to form warp knitted fabrics. In some tongue needle knitting machine also has weft knitting and warp knot together method. At this time in the tongue needle knitting machine is equipped with two sets of yarn, a group of warp yarn method, and another group by weft method mat yarn, knitting needle to form two groups of yarn together to form a Latch Needle Yarn. The stitches formed by the same yarn are arranged along the weft in the weft knitting needle and are arranged along the warp in the warp knitting needle.

In 2010, China's macro economy continued to rise for the better, with the domestic employment situation gradually stable, market confidence improved, residents living standards continue to improve, clothing consumer goods market demand will maintain steady growth. At the same time, the national expansion of domestic demand plan to continue to further improve the people's livelihood, the state in the three rural areas, affordable housing construction, promote automobile consumption and other aspects of investment will continue to increase, which for home textiles, industrial textiles to provide a broader Of the market space.

Tongue knitting yarn industry is an important part of the textile industry. In 2008, the proportion of Chinese Latch Needle Yarn clothing accounted for more than 50% of the proportion of clothing, and developed countries, the proportion of 65% closer. From January to December 2010, the total production of tongue and needle knitting yarns was 16.417 billion pieces, an increase of 18.38% over the same period of last year. The growth rate was 9.99 percentage points higher than the 2009 annual level (8.39%). From 2005 to 2010, the sales revenue of the industry continued to increase from RMB8,092 million in 2005 to 409.737 billion yuan in 2010, an increase of 8% -52%, up to 51.14% and the lowest of 8.63% Larger, 2010 year-on-year growth of 23.34%.

With the increase in income of urban and rural residents, consumer clothing clothing taste requirements to improve, in the country to expand domestic demand to encourage consumption in the context of accelerated urbanization process and technology-driven, etc. will bring opportunities for the development of the needle knitting yarn industry, Domestic sales for the Latch Needle Yarn industry will play an increasingly important role. In addition, the further development of the ASEAN market and other new international market cultivation will promote the 2011 Latch Needle Yarn industry development.

As the needle needle knitting yarn industry dependence on the labor force, making China's low wage costs have obvious advantages, coupled with China's huge market share and mature technical support, the future of the global Latch Needle Yarn industry will be mostly concentrated in the China's development, with the introduction of overseas advanced technology, Latch Needle Yarn industry is accelerating the realization of industrial upgrading, and the formation of regional Latch Needle Yarn base. Overall, the development trend of the needle needle knitting yarn industry is good.

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