How Do Pickers Choose Hand Knitting Yarn?

- Jul 24, 2017 -

  How do pickers choose Hand Knitting Yarn?

  Knitted apparel is the current trend, Hand Knitting Yarn textile manufacturers are currently on the market is also dazzling. How to choose a good hand knitting yarn? The yarn is made of yarn. Hand Knitting Yarn Ma gray yarn is also a more common kind of environmentally friendly yarn.

  Environmental protection without harm

  Pure cotton linen yarn can be applied to knitted sweat cloth, casual clothes, sportswear and other clothing, and this is an environmentally friendly knitting yarn, it does not need to add any chemical agent, directly blended into the natural Human skin does not cause any harm.

  The intimate relationship between the classic yarn and the hemp yarn

  We all know that good yarn is made of good yarn textile. Ma linen yarn has always been environmentally friendly yarn, the quality of lin-ying yarn determines the quality of the yarn. High-quality yarn production of high-quality yarn, weaving a good fabric, for our health protection.

  How does the classic yarn produce?

  Here to tell you about the classic yarn production process: spinning is the textile short fiber processing into a yarn of science. Yarns are generally made of a number of short fibers of varying lengths by twisting, and twisted together by a long continuous monofilament. The use of mature technology produced by the good quality yarn, the product Ye Hao. So choose a good yarn manufacturers is very important.

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