Hand Knitting YarnHave Greater Flexibility And Flexibility

- Aug 24, 2017 -

The use of knitting needle to a variety of raw materials and varieties of yarn constitute a coil, and then connected into a series of knitted fabric process. Knitted fabric soft, good wrinkle resistance and breathability, and a greater degree of flexibility and flexibility, wearing comfortable.

The yarns form the coils, which are knitted through the longitudinal string and laterally connected. So the circle is the basic process of knitting. The looping process can be broken down into the following stages: the loop - the newly formed coil (the old coil) is moved from the hook to the needle bar; the pad yarn - feeds the yarn onto the knitting needle; - the shape of the yarn bent into the shape of the coil; with the yarn - the yarn on the new pad or the newly bent coil moved to the hook; closed - closed needle pin; ring - the old coil To the needle closure of the hook on the hook; even the circle - the new yarn or the new coil and the old coil in the hook inside and outside meet; off ring - the old coil from the hook on the set off the new coil; So that the yarn to form a closed and the size of the new coil; pull - the new coil pulled into the circle area. The new coil becomes the old coil in the next cycle. There are knitting and knitting methods. In the knitting process into the circle, into the circle of each stage in accordance with the above order. In the knitting process into the circle, the bending began in the loop, and with the loop stage at the same time. In some knitting machines on the knitting of the knitting machine in order to complete the process of forming a circle; there are some knitting machine into the circle of the process of knitting only at the same time.

In addition to fabric can be woven into a variety of fabric, cut and sewn into a variety of knitwear, but also in the machine directly weave forming products to make the whole shape or part of the forming products. The use of forming technology can save raw materials, simplify or cancel the cutting and sewing process, and can improve the performance of the product. Knitting production due to short process, raw material adaptability, change varieties fast, wide range of products, low noise, less energy consumption, and the rapid development. Since the 1970s, the productivity of the knitting machine has been greatly improved. For example, the circular weft knitting machine (tongue) can weave about 3000 courses per minute. The warp knitting machine is mostly 427 cm, Weaving 2000 courses, single needle socks machine speed up to 1000 revolutions per minute. The use of electronic technology to control the work of knitting machines, but also improve the efficiency of the machine. The installation of a variety of positive yarn feeder on the machine can improve product quality. The machine attached to a number of institutions can be woven with a variety of organizational structure and different uses of knitted fabrics: such as the use of needle selection mechanism to make the needle according to pre-arranged procedures to work to weave jacquard knitted fabric; Needle to knit the plush fabric; the application of lining the weft insertion device to weave the lining through the weft knitted fabric. Knitting machine variety, has more than 350 species. With the development of new varieties of chemical fiber and finishing technology, improve the knit fabric very scraping, non-iron and wear and other characteristics. The use of finishing techniques such as velvet, matte, shearing, ginning and pleats makes the variety of knitwear more expanded.

Knitting technology has been extended to other textile production, such as the knitting method used in the loom for segmented weft insertion, and the sections of the weft with a coil to be knitted fabric sets to replace the traditional shuttle movement, So that weaving speed increases, which is woven, knitted knitting machine.

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