Hand Knitting Yarn A Brief Introdction

- May 27, 2017 -

A brief introduction to Hand Knitting Yarn

The use of knitting needle to a variety of raw materials and varieties of yarn constitute a coil, and then connected into a series of knitted fabric process. Knitted fabric soft, good wrinkle resistance and breathability, and a greater degree of flexibility and flexibility, wearing comfortable.

Knitted products in addition to serving and decorative, but also for industrial and agricultural and medical and health and defense and other fields. Knitting sub-Hand Knitting Yarn and machine knitting two categories. Hand Knitting Yarn products using a needle, a long history, skillful, flower-shaped flexible, widely spread in the folk and development. In 1982, China's Jiangling Mashan Warring States Tomb unearthed silk fabrics with single-sided weft-made two-color jacquard silk knitted fabric, is still found in the earliest hand-knit yarn products, about 2200 years ago. According to this artifacts can be inferred that the origin of Chinese hand-knit yarn products even earlier. Hand Knitting Yarn Machine knitting began in 1589, the British W. Lee from hand-woven to get inspiration and created the first hand-knitting machine. It has more than 3500 parts, crochet line in rows, one can weave 16 coils. China's first T-shirt Knitting Factory was founded in 1896 in Shanghai. China's first socks factory in 1907 established in Guangzhou.

Hand Knitting Yarn according to different process characteristics, knitting production sub-weft and warp knitting two categories. In the weft production of raw materials through the yarn after the yarn can be directly on the machine production. Each yarn is placed in a weftwise manner on each of the needles of a weft knitting machine to form a weft knitted fabric. In the production of raw materials through warp yarn, warping, yarn parallel to the winding axis, and then on the machine production. The yarns are lowered from the warp and the individual yarns are placed along the longitudinal sides of the warp knitting machine on one or up to two knitting needles to form warp knitted fabrics. In some knitting machines also have weft knitting and warp knot together method. At this time in the knitting machine is equipped with two sets of yarn, a group of warp yarn method, and the other group by weft method mat yarn, knitting needle to form two groups of yarn together to form a knitted fabric. The coils formed by the same yarn are arranged along the weft in the weft knitted fabric and are arranged along the warp in the warp knitted fabric.

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