Classic Yarn Type

- Oct 30, 2017 -

The type of Classic Yarn and no less than ten kinds of thickness, is a brief introduction to several commonly used Classic Yarn.

Special: is the thinnest of woven knitting, light and soft is its characteristics, the most suitable for weaving baby, children's sweaters or crocheted women wearing a jacket.

Very fine: the thickness is equal to 2 the most fine Classic Yarn, light, color changes, the most suitable for crochet knitting.

Fine: is the most commonly used varieties of Classic Yarn, whether it is infants, children, women or men clothing can be used for such rough Classic Yarn weaving, weaving pattern fine and elegant.

In the rough: is the most commonly used knitting cold clothing, weaving out of clothing is not too thick is not too thin

High thick: is also the best Classic Yarn knit clothing.

In the choice of the purchase of Classic Yarn, you must buy enough volume, so as not to be off the goods and can not complete the situation. On the other hand, some sell well-selling varieties of Classic Yarn, although no goods, but also have to keep the stickers on the Classic Yarn ball, used for identification when outsourcing.

Now the product can be divided into pure Classic Yarn, blended and chemical fiber three. Chemical fiber is mainly acrylic and viscose fiber. Although a lot of Classic Yarn varieties, but can be divided into Classic Yarn, fine Classic Yarn, color Classic Yarn and factory-specific knitting Classic Yarn four categories.

(1) coarse Classic Yarn: strand line density of 400 or so, generally into 4 shares, the density of each line is about 100 or so. The high-grade Classic Yarnen Classic Yarn is made of fine Classic Yarn and is expensive. The middle Classic Yarn Classic Yarn of pure Classic Yarn is made of medium Classic Yarn. This Classic Yarn Classic Yarn is thicker, strong, and feel full. Woven sweater thick warm, generally used as winter clothing.

(2) fine Classic Yarn: strand line density 167 ~ 398 special, generally also 4 shares. Commodities are twisted Classic Yarn and spherical Classic Yarn (group velvet) two. This kind of Classic Yarn lines dry and smooth, soft, beautiful color. Use it is mainly woven into a thin sweater, light fit, for the spring and autumn season, the amount of Classic Yarn compared to the province.

(3) color Classic Yarn: This product variety, variety of continuous renovation. Such as gold and silver clip silk, printing folder flowers, the size of beads, lined up, bamboo, chain and other varieties. Woven into a sweater after a special charm.

(4) knitted Classic Yarn: generally 2 single Classic Yarn shares, used for machine series. This kind of knitted sweater is characterized by light, clean, soft and slippery.

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