Classic Yarn Twist Test

- Jul 24, 2017 -

  Classic yarn twist test

  The twist is usually not evenly distributed over the entire yarn, and when the test twist is left, the code is sampled. There are many kinds of twist testers, and the design is the same. First, the classic yarn is clamped by the clamp on the left side of the support, To the right of the rotary clip, the dial pointer is zero, the classic yarn clip in the rotating folder, the sample classic yarn about 10 or 20 inches, when the rotation folder rotation, twist is solved, when all twist disappears, The rotating clamp continues to rotate in the same direction until the twist is rejoined and the pointer is zero. The total number of revolutions is divided by the total number of revolutions, and the length of the sample is calculated, and the twist per inch is calculated.

  Classic yarn twist test

  1 Overview

  Short fibers need to be twisted in order to spun yarn, filament twist in order to facilitate processing or improve the tightness, twist on the structure of the classic yarn, physical properties, fabric style and clothing performance has a direct impact, it is The main basis for rating the product grade. Classic yarn twist test methods are: direct counting method, untwisting twist method. Which is untwisted twist method is divided into: untwisting twist A method, untwisting twist B method, three times untwisted twist method. Direct counting method for staple fiber single yarn, twisted multifilament, strand, cable; untwisting twist method for cotton, wool, silk, linen and blended fiber yarn.

  2 Purpose and Requirements

  Through the testing of the classic yarn twist to understand the basic structure of the yarn twist and the working principle, master the operation of the instrument and sampling requirements, understand the meaning of the indicators.

  3 Adoption of standards

  Determination of the twist of textiles - Part 1: Direct counting method, GB / T 2543.2, ISO / DIS 17202 "Determination of the twist of classical yarns of textiles - Part 2: "Twisting and twisting", GB / T 14345 "Test method for twist of synthetic filament filaments".

  ⒊2 relevant standards: FZ / T 10001 "Determination of the twist of air yarn twist twist method" and other methods and standards covered by the product standards, GB 6529 "textiles humidity and test with the standard atmosphere", foreign related ASTM D 1422 , D 1423, AS 2001.1.2.14, BS 2085, JIS L 1095, CAN / CGSB-4.2N0.8, BISFA and other standards.

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