Classic Yarn Refers To The Use Of A Variety Of Textile Fibers Processed Into A Certain Degree Of Fine Products

- Nov 02, 2017 -

Classic yarn refers to a variety of textile fibers processed into a certain fineness of the product, for weaving, rope, line, knitting and embroidery.

Yarn is divided into: ① short fiber yarn, from the short fiber (natural short fiber or fiber section of the fiber) by spinning processing, split ring yarn, free spinning, since the twist yarn. ② continuous filaments, such as natural silk and chemical fiber filament, add or not twist, smooth filament or deformation filament. ③ short fiber and continuous filament combination yarn, such as polyester-cotton filament yarn. Line by two or more shares of the single yarn and twisted together.

Spinning technology

There are two solutions to the problem of yarn strength. One way is to use more advanced spinning techniques to spun yarn that can be applied to easy care fabrics, such as tight ring spinning, without changing the raw material.

The second method is to adjust the raw materials and change the yarn structure of the method, through the original natural fiber and excellent performance meet the requirements of fiber care through a certain spinning method to combine the two, the effect of the ideal yarn, the main There are blended yarn, composite yarn, etc., respectively, the following were introduced.

Blended yarn

Two or more than two kinds of fiber mixed spinning, mainly using scattered fiber mixing and mixing of the way. Through the original fiber raw materials and other high strength, high modulus of the fiber to increase the strength of the entire yarn. This compound yarn has a traditional polyester / cotton, polyester / sticky, polyester / wool, etc., and polyester / cotton / Tencel fiber, polyester / cotton / cashmere and so on.

2. Composite yarn

Two different fibers in a single yarn or filament intertwined with a similar structure, can be spinning in the modified spinning machine, can also be spun in the hollow spindle. Mainly spinning, Cerrofo spirits, wrapped spinning, including core spinning and so on.

product advantages

The tensile strength of the yarn is said to be strong. The length of the yarn is expressed by the load of the yarn, and the length of the yarn and the yarn is elongated.

The strength of the yarn is very close to the fastness and the production efficiency of the fabric. The strength is the basis of the tensile strength of the fabric. Therefore, the elongation of the whole yarn and the wool yarn is an important index of quality. As the tensile strength directly affects its quality, Requirements must be appropriate to the strength and extension, too large to make loose yarn and loose yarn, strong reduction; strong elongation is too small, strong increase in the yarn and cashmere become stiff. Wool yarn and wool yarn and the strength of the use of raw materials and processing, as well as the fiber arrangement of different circumstances, good quality raw materials, fiber arrangement neatly, twisted and appropriate wool yarn line of the higher strength, stretch performance will be good.

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