Classic Yarn How Much Do You Know?

- May 27, 2017 -

About the Classic Yarn you know how much? The difference between the different kinds of Classic Yarn weaving

1, tape Classic Yarn: usually cotton or viscose fiber, acrylic. Suitable for weaving scarves and elongated fabrics.

2, knitting Classic Yarn: with elastic knitting wiring. Suitable for knitted basket-type storage box (box), floor mats and bags (bags) and so on.

3, velvet embroidered Classic Yarn: usually made of cotton fiber or only from acrylic and acrylic. Suitable for children's jackets, toys and so on.

4, pearl cashmere Classic Yarn: mainly for children's things: blankets, hats. If it is knitting will get a thick feeling.

5, velvet Classic Yarn: usually a simulation (imitation) of the fur. Often used for knitted cloak, decorative products, or the edge of fabrics and toys.

6, the volume (fat) Classic Yarn: the recent very popular. Is knitted very fashionable coat and has a thick feel of the Classic Yarn.

7, abstract flower Classic Yarn: this line in view of the pile of Classic Yarn and imitation fur between the two. This Classic Yarn is characterized by simple texture, giving a pleasant touch.

8, tweed Classic Yarn: the classic British Classic Yarn, has a long history. The yarn of the Classic Yarn is distributed with the same color of the same color.

9, Treasure Island Classic Yarn: mainly used to build festive clothing.

10, mainly for the male compatriots with the Classic Yarn and gold and silver beads Classic Yarn.

11, ribbon Classic Yarn: mainly used for decoration, knitting children's things, mainly fashionable little girl.

12, shoelace Classic Yarn: it is synthetic fiber, usually a hollow Classic Yarn.

13. The Classic Yarn drawn from the wool. Through the monotonous, mixed color, impregnation effect produced by the Classic Yarn.

14, filament Classic Yarn: chic Classic Yarn, mainly hand-spinning.

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