Change Direction Of Cotton-textile Raw Material Reform

- Apr 11, 2017 -

National Development and Reform Commission 3rd said, to protect the target price of cotton pilot smoothly, keep simian market after the smooth running, the state will be simian after the listing to stop the reserve cotton, for simian purchase and sale to create good market conditions.

The development and Reform Commission said that to keep the market running smoothly, comprehensive measures will be taken to strengthen market regulation. Including doing simian acquisition work, to guide enterprises and farmers to buy and sell actively; properly arrange imports, encourage enterprises to use domestic cotton; formulate backing plan, when the domestic market cotton price excessive falls, appear "sell difficult", will take the necessary measures to encourage enterprises to market acquisitions, stabilize markets, solve "selling difficult."

This year, China launches the pilot of cotton target price reform in Xinjiang. Approved by the State Council, the 2014 cotton target price has been announced for 19800 yuan per ton; The pilot programme for the cotton target price reform has been issued, and the implementation of the cotton market price monitoring programme in Xinjiang has been formulated and price monitoring has been initiated; the pilot work of cotton target price reform in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Bingtuan the specific implementation programme is forthcoming, and work is progressing steadily.

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