Yarn strength and single yarn breaking strength and standard weight

- Apr 11, 2017 -

The strength of yarn and the breaking strength of single yarn

Single yarn strength: Pull off the single-root yarn required force, called single yarn Strength or single-yarn strength, units are cattle (n), Bali cattle (CN). Single-Yarn rupture strength: the ratio of single yarn strength p to yarn special number Ntex is km or CN/TEX

2. Standard weight

The weight of textile materials in the public order moisture regain or the fixed water content is called "standard weight" the standard weight of textile materials and the actual moisture regain of the weight of the relationship between the said: standard weight = See weight * (100+ public Moisture Regain)/(100+ actual moisture regain)

The calculation of the standard weight in production. The material is often dried first, in accordance with the dry weight calculation, the formula is as follows: standard weight = material dry weight * (100+ public moisture regain)/100

Finally add a little bit of yarn basics: yarn is a continuous linear object made of all kinds of textile fibers, it is thin and soft, and has the basic performance needed to adapt to the use of textile processing and final products. Yarn is mainly used for weaving woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, knitting fabrics and some non-woven fabrics, less directly in the form of line-like textiles exist, such as all kinds of sewing thread, wool yarn, embroidery thread, cord and other miscellaneous lines.

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