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The yarn is mainly used for hand and weaving. Wool yarn is made of wool as raw materials from twisting to a single yarn; wool is also called cashmere, wool is made of raw materials from the yarn.

Classification of yarn

Products can be divided into pure wool, blended and chemical fiber three. Chemical fiber is mainly acrylic and viscose fiber.

Although a lot of wool varieties, but can be divided into wool, fine wool, color wool and factory-specific knitting wool four categories.

(1) Chunky wool Yarn: strand line density of 400 or so, usually into 4 shares, the density of about 100 per share or so. The high-grade woolen wool is made of fine wool and is expensive. The middle wool wool of pure wool is made of medium wool. This wool yarn is thicker, strong, and feel full. Woven sweater thick warm, generally used as winter clothing.

(2) fine wool yarn: strands linear density 167 ~ 398 special, usually 4 shares. Commodities are twisted wool and spherical wool (group velvet) two. This kind of wool lines dry and smooth, soft, beautiful color. Use it is mainly woven into a thin sweater, light fit, for the spring and autumn season, the amount of wool compared to the province.

(3) rainbow wool yarn : This product is numerous, variety constantly renovated. Such as gold and silver folder silk, printing folder flowers, the size of beads, lined up, bamboo, chain and other varieties. Woven into a sweater after a special charm.

(4) knitted wool: generally 2 single yarn shares, used for machine series. This composition of the sweater is characterized by light, clean, soft and slippery.



wool yarn:

The tensile strength of yarn and yarn is strong. The length of the yarn is expressed by the load of the yarn, and the length of the yarn and the yarn is elongated. The strength of the yarn and the wool yarn is closely related to the fastness and the production efficiency of the fabric. The strength is the foundation of the fabric's tensile strength. Therefore, the full stretch yarn and the elongation of the wool yarn are important indexes of quality. The tensile strength directly affects its quality , The requirements must be appropriate strength and extension, too large to make loose yarn and loose yarn, strong reduction; strong elongation is too small, strong increase in the yarn and cashmere become stiff. Wool yarn and wool yarn and the strength of the use of raw materials and the degree of processing, as well as the fiber arrangement of different circumstances, good quality raw materials, fiber arrangement neatly, twisted and appropriate wool yarn line of the higher strength, stretch performance will be good.

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