Wire density and variety of super bulky knitting yarn

- Mar 21, 2018 -

Super bulky knitting yarn must be purchased in sufficient quantities during the purchase process, so that you can avoid out of stock and the situation  that the goods can not be completed in a certain extent. Super bulky  knitting yarn on the other hand, some of the best-selling yarn varieties of wool, not out of stock, but the sticker on the ball is also retained for identification when purchased.

The yarn density of super bulky  knitting yarn is about 400 tex. Generally, it can be divided into 4 strands effectively. The density of each strand is about 100 tex. Generally, the high-grade coarse wool of pure wool is made of fine wool. It is expensive to use.

The pure wool intermediate coarse wool in the extra super bulky  knitting yarn is made of medium wool. This kind of yarn yarn has thicker, stronger, and full-featured feel. The woven sweaters are thick and warm and are generally used as winter clothing.

Super bulky  knitting yarn in color: This product has a wide range of colors and the variety is continuously refurbished. Such as gold and silver wire, printing flowers, size of beads, circle, bamboo, chain and other varieties. After knitting into a sweater, each has a special charm.

Super bulky  knitting yarn are generally two single yarns and are used for knitting. This knitted sweater features light, clean, soft and slippery. Metric count. The length (meter) of a fiber or yarn with 1 grams of weight at the rate of public return. The finer the fiber or yarn, the higher the metric.

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