What requirements should the quality of the shawl knitting yarn meet?

- Oct 26, 2017 -

The shawl knitted yarn is often processed through different processes in the weaving process, which is often affected by many forces such as stretching, bending, friction and so on, these forces may have different effects on the quality of the yarn. Therefore, in order to ensure the final product quality, the shawl knitting yarn should meet certain requirements.
So, do you know what requirements should the shawl knitting yarn  meet? The first point is that it must have certain strength and extension. In fact, strength is one of the important indicators of its quality, which will inevitably undergo tension in the weaving process. If the strength is insufficient, it will likely lead to substandard quality. In addition, during the processing, it may also occur bending and deformation, so it is required to have a certain extension, so that can reduce the disconnection.
The second point, the shawl knitting yarn also needs to have the corresponding flexibility. This is because if the soft performance is good, in the process of bending torsion, it can ensure the uniformity and integrity of its structure. In addition, the problem of yarn breakage due to external force can also be reduced.


shawl knitting yarn

The third point is that, in fact, it also requires the twist of the shawl knitting yarn within the appropriate range. Usually the size of the twist will change with the density of the yarn. The fourth point is that its linear density should be as uniform as possible and there should be less defect. This is also one of the important indicators of yarn quality.
In addition to the above mentioned requirements, the shawl knitting yarn is usually required to have a certain hygroscopicity and good finish, as well as a smaller coefficient of friction. This can improve the knitting performance of the yarn, and also ensure the efficiency of production and the quality level of the product.

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