What kinds does the sweater yarn and how to test the gram weight?

- Sep 29, 2017 -

1. Does the sweater yarn include cotton rope and knitting wool? And whether its thickness is different?
The sweater yarn is one kind of yarns. Generally speaking, it includes the cotton rope, knitting wool and so on. So, to Question 1, the answer is yes and there is different thickness.
2. If it is the pure woolen sweater, then what kind sweater yarn does it use? In addition, is the hosiery yarns used more to produce the sweater piled yarn?
If it is the pure woolen sweater, it uses the wool yarn. The hosiery yarns used to produce the sweater are piled yarn and cotton yarn. Among them, the more used is piled yarn. So, to Question 2, the answer is yes without doubt.
3. Can the gram weight of the sweater yarn be tested? In addition, what is PAM in this kind of yarn?
The gram weight of the sweater yarn can be tested he gram weight of the sweater yarn be tested and there is no problem. Specifically, the gram weight can be got through the length divided by number. So, it is very easy. And the PAM in the sweater yarn is a chemical component, which is polymerized by acrylamide monomer. From a professional standpoint, PAM yarn is a kind of yarn which is of water absorption. 


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