What is the choice of the size of the nylon bulk yarns ?

- Aug 04, 2017 -

Nylon  yarn is one of many yarns, in order to accurately distinguish it from other roving types, mainly based on the twist factor of nylon roving. It seems that the twist factor is the same as the drafting factor, the roller pressure, the roller gauge, and the nylon roving is a very important process parameter.

Nylon bulk yarn in the choice of twist factor, the need to consider the factors are more, including the length of the fiber, the spinning species, roving density, spinning process and the process of temperature and humidity, under different circumstances, the required twist The size of the coefficients is also different.

Based on the previous work experience, it can be seen that if the length of the nylon roving fiber is long and the length is uniform and the linear density is low, the twist factor can be smaller. If these requirements are not reached, the twist factor is increased. When the nylon roving, yarn roller pressure heavier, the required twist factor should be large; otherwise small.


In the case of nylon roving heavier, its twist factor can be smaller; but if the volume is lighter, then need to have a larger twist factor. There is also the relationship between plant temperature and humidity and the size of the nylon roving twist factor, usually proportional, the higher the temperature and humidity the greater the twist factor.

For nylon roving, if it is used for spinning combing, then its yarn twist coefficient should be small; but if the textile is carded yarn, it requires a large number of twist; also in the knitting with nylon roving Time, the need to adjust the twist coefficient of the larger, the purpose is to reduce the shadows shadows; contrary to the woven yarn, this time the nylon roving twist factor should be small.

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