What is the chenille yarn?What are the advantages?

- Dec 06, 2017 -

From the current market, we usually consider the chenille yarn as a new fancy yarn. With many advantages, it has been favored by many consumers in the market. In fact, there are a lot of more common products made of chenille yarn in our life, such as bedspread, blanket, carpet and other household goods or accessories.

Compared with other textile fabrics, chenille yarn has the prominent advantages, which not only has soft, warm and smooth texture, but also has a more beautiful color. When making this kind of yarn, mainly use two plied yarns to make the core wire, and then with the aid of twisting to make the camlet in the intermediate spinning. Market usually includes adhesive / nitrile, cotton / polyester, viscose / cotton, nitrile / polyester, viscose / polyester chenille products.


Because of its characteristics, the products made of chenille yarn have a very thick texture, and have the advantages of high - quality, soft hand handle, plump suede, good drapability and so on. For example, when we use it to make curtains, it can play a good light reducing and shading effect, so as to meet the requirements of different light, but also have
wind prevention, dust elimination, heat insulation, thermal insulation, noise elimination and other functions, which is conducive to improving the indoor climate and environment.
The so-called chenille yarn combines the advantages of both decorative and practical advantages, so it is often used to make various curtains. In addition, the carpet made of this fabric is also excellent, not only has the temperature regulation, anti - allergic effect, but also has anti - static and antibacterial efficacy.
Add the chenille wool itselfyarn also has a good moisture absorption performance, so it feels much dry, which is also its unique advantages. In addition, chenille yarn is soft, so it is widely used in velvet fabrics and decorative fabrics. Fabrics are gorgeous with a sense of velvet.


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