What is the characteristics of the fabric made of acrylic yarn?

- Nov 17, 2017 -

The fabric made of acrylic yarm is very fluffy and soft, the color is also more beautiful, which can be able to stand the baptism of sunshine. It is because of this, it will also be called artificial wool. The fabric made of acrylic fiber has more antibacterial effect and is widely used in various fields.

The fabric made of acrylic yarn is not only beautiful and fluffy, but also cheap. It is one of the best alternatives for wool and cotton fabrics. In our country, acrylics will also be used as the main raw materials for imitation of cotton or polypropylene heat-set.


Acrylic wool as artificial wool, pilling is certain. However, if the maintenance is proper and acrylic fabric also has good quality, the service life of pilling can be avoided. Any fabric will have a certain pilling phenomenon, but there will be a difference in the serious degree.

Now more sweaters will be made of acrylic fabric. After a period of time, it will appear pilling phenomenon, which will affect the appearance, and wearing will not be comfortable. Therefore, in the production,the wool should be mixed to make.

When there is pilling phenomenon, the supermarket has a special cleaning solution to the pilling, which remove the pilling without hurt the clothing.

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