What is the baby sweater and How to maintain?

- Nov 10, 2017 -

 Baby yarns has the characteristics of light and soft, often used for infants, children are also often used for sweaters, crocheted women wearing coat. Because the baby yarn has many advantages, therefore caused wide concern by consumers. There are also many consumers are more concerned about the baby wool the maintenance. Obviously, careful maintenance can not only make the long time to maintain a good appearance, but also can prolong the service life.

First of all, because the baby yarn wool itself is very fluffy, but also has good heat preservation effect, therefore, in the knitting and wearing process should be avoided as far as possible and some rough friction material in order to prevent, cause hair pilling problem. As a result, it will seriously affect the perception.  


spring and summer baby yarns

Secondly, if the color is shallow, or is more bright, so In the weaving process of wearing and need to stay away from the unclean. Otherwise it may be contaminated, resulting in reduced appearance.

Third, baby yarn not for a long time in the sun exposure, otherwise it may be difficult to maintain the original color. In the washing process, try to choose the manual operation, and use neutral detergent wool, gently knead in order to avoid gross deformation. In addition, during the storage of baby wool must be placed in relatively dry, cool and clean environment, not in high temperature, high humidity storage environment.

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