What is compact spinning?

- Apr 11, 2017 -

Compact spinning is a new kind of spinning technology for spinning on the improved ring spinning frame. Tightly spun yarn is very tight, the yarn look clean, less hairiness. Yarn strength is higher, less hairiness. In the process of weaving the most difficult to produce the phenomenon of grinding wool. The purpose of compact spinning is to make the fibers as parallel and close as possible before twisting the yarn, which is an important criterion for high-quality compact yarn.

Advantages of Compact Spinning

1. Because the twist before the single fiber fully stretched, parallel, no hairiness sticking to the main yarn, so the yarn hairiness rarely, especially 3 mm above the hairiness very few.

2. Because of the tight yarn in the single fiber arrangement, each other is large, which helps to improve the yarn strength.

3. Tight yarn evenness, coarse and detail indicators are better than traditional yarn.

4. Compact spinning less hairiness, so reduce the sizing, singeing and other processes of pressure, tight spinning in the shuttle-free loom weft use, greatly reduced the resistance of weft insertion, improve the efficiency of loom.

5. Tight yarn is arranged neatly, compared with the traditional yarn of small diameter, so use the same warp, weft woven fabrics of good permeability, fabric flat, smooth, is the ideal of high-grade textiles yarn.

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