What are the unique properties of knitting wool yarn

- Apr 20, 2018 -

In our lives, there are many things that are made of wool. These items seem to feel soft and warm. The wool also includes many different categories, of which knitted wool is one of the common wool products. Knitting yarns are usually two single yarns and are used for knitting. The sweaters knitted with such yarns are light, clean, soft, and slippery.


From the appearance, these sweaters, scarves, etc. knitted with knitting wool yarn are very warm and comfortable and can be used on their own. At present, the so-called knitted garments in the market can be mainly divided into two categories: knitted garments and knitted garments. Knitted garments are garments, such as sweaters, gloves, hats, etc., that are knitted by sewing and releasing needles on a knitting machine to weave garments or garments that have the form of clothes and then sewn them.


So far, knitted wool has occupied a very important position in the market. With the improvement of production technology, knitting machines are currently used to bend the yarns into coils, and the yarns are knitted in cross-links. The knitting yarns can be divided into weft-knitted fabrics and warp-knitted fabrics according to the contact characteristics of the coils. Two major categories.


In comparison, the most common style of modern garments made of knitted yarns is to use their soft, drooping features to create a pleated style, with pure white vertical fabrics and multiple pleats. The styling also belongs to a more classic design style and is loved by consumers.


In addition, knitted yarns also have good elasticity and unstable deformability, and thus can be classified into tight and loose type according to the profile after being made into a garment. Knitting wool made into tight clothing not only simple and neat, natural fit, but also shrink freely, conform to the body curve, fully demonstrated the graceful curves of the human body, forming a different sense of beauty



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