What are the requirements for scarf knitting yarns?

- Mar 28, 2018 -

Yarn is very common in our lives, and in the market we can see that there are a lot of different colors of yarns. Among them is a scarf called knit wool. The so-called scarf knit wool is usually used to weave a scarf. The scarf knitted by this kind of wool has good warmth and is very soft, which is loved by many consumers.


As consumers, we also need to learn to distinguish between the process of purchasing scarves and knitting wool. In order to provide better products, manufacturers will go through many testing procedures when producing such products. For example, during the inspection, it should be ensured that the yarn does not have any abnormal problems such as lack of yarn, large belly yarn, hairiness, and flying yarn.


In addition, the quality of the knitted wool  products is suitable and uniform. The instrument can generally be used for testing. At the same time, we must also inspect the forming quality of the product to ensure that it is full-bodied, uniform in size, clear in texture, and well-arranged, mainly based on aesthetics and customer requirements.


In addition to these requirements, the quality of packaging for scarves and knitwear is also very important. In the inspection process of its packaging and printing, it is also necessary to pay attention to the printing of its side, front, inside and outside bags, paper cards and trademark labels, printing clear and accurate in color, text spelling, and direction quantity.


Not only that, when packing scarves and knitting wool products, the used cartons must be exported with double corrugated or three-watt corrugated cartons, with appropriate size, smooth and thick, and no damage, moisture or distortion. And the loaded goods should be filled with no gaps.


Finally, it is also necessary to confirm that the inner packaging material of the scarf knitted wool product is intact, and the plastic bag must be clean, transparent and strong. There are no distortions, damages, or stains on the inner and outer packages of scarves knitted wool products.



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