What are the reasons for the popularity of fancy yarns and their fabrics?

- May 09, 2017 -

Fancy yarn is a new kind of decorative fabric that has been popular in recent years.


1.Fancy yarns are gorgeous, colorful, colorful and decorative, and can catch the eyes of consumers in the first place.
2.The woven yarn fabric is a diversified, sexualized product that satisfies modern urbanites' desire for fashion and personality.
3. Easy to design fancy yarn fabric, due to changes in the form of yarn directly affects the appearance of the fabric effect, so need to choose yarn was improved, the change of diversification on the fabric, casual and unique;
4. The production of fancy yarn fabric without or rarely require post-processing, printing and dyeing technological process is short, easy production, and sales products is also very good, so loved by the manufacturer
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