What are the main performance indexes of the scarf knitting yarn?

- Nov 27, 2017 -

At present, in the production process of the knitted scarf knitting yarn, basically is using the machine weaving way. The so-called scarf knitting wool is usually two single yarns for plying, the main characteristics are  light, clean, soft and slippery. So it is very popular with the users.

Next, we mainly share the main performance index of the scarf knitted yarn. The first index is the count. Usually the count of the wool uses the metric count. And the count is larger, the thinner the yarn will be. Instead, the count is smaller, the thicker the yarn will be. The so-called metric count, in fact, refers to the a kilogram of wool, including how many kilometers long, or how many counts of yarn. For example, a kilogram of wool is 18, 000 meters long, and it represents 18 counts.

There is also a performance index for the twist of the wool yarn and wool. For the scarf knitted wool, this index is mainly represented by the  twisting number in the unit length. The twist has the twisting direction , including the "S" twist and "Z" twist. The usual twist refers to the number of twist / m. Because the count of wool yarn is different, the twist is not the same. For example, the concept of " twist factor" is mainly used to facilitate comparison of the twist of different counts of wool yarn and wool.

In addition, when judging the performance of the scarf knitted yarn, it is also necessary to pass through another index namely, the strength and elongation of the wool yarn. The resistance to tension of the yarn is called strength, which is usually expressed as the load of the broken yarn, and the length of the elongation is called elongation.
scarf knitting yarn.jpgThis index has a very close relationship with the fastness and production efficiency of the scarf knitted wool. In general, strength is the basis of the strength and elongation of the fabric, while the strength and elongation is an important index of the quality of textiles. It can be seen that the strength and elongation will directly affect the quality of the scarf knitted yarn, so it must ensure the appropriate strength and elongation.


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