What are the main features of baby yarns knitting?

- Feb 09, 2018 -

Infant knit yarns are usually made from two single yarns that are basically used for machine knitting. In contrast, the sweaters made from this baby knit yarns are characterized by light, clean, soft and slippery. The main features of this wool are lightness and softness.


In general, pure new baby knitted yarn is not only good quality, versatile, but also has good flexibility, can provide the baby with natural, comfortable fabric products. And is generally made of very fine branches of wool, which can ensure a special soft feel and luxurious texture.


Because of this, the products made from this baby knitting wool will bring a feeling of good quality, softness, elegance and personal comfort. At the same time the quality of this yarn is relatively light, in the spring and summer when the skin will bring very comfortable feeling. This comfort is due to the natural breathability of the yarns.


And in the production of such baby knitting yarns, due to the use of special treatment process, so the product also has a machine washable, anti-shrinkage function, to maintain the original wool excellent characteristics. In other words, this wool with its own excellent performance can bring a relaxed and comfortable, careful care of baby growth.


In short, this baby knitted yarn has many advantages. After a series of handling processes, baby knitted yarn has better performance, to meet different requirements.


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