What are the hand knitting yarn in common use

- Jan 03, 2018 -

Yarn is an important raw material for people to dress. It can not only be woven into wool products by hand, but also work mechanical knitting. So it will involve hand knitting yarn. This kind of yarn can not only be woven into clothes, sleeves and shoes and hats, but also can be woven with the fabric to change the different styles and sizes of the clothes.

Hand knitting yarn are most of the wool spun in the past, but with a variety of animal hair fiber development and chemical fiber development. Now the products can be divided into three kinds: wool, blending and chemical fiber. And the chemical fiber is mainly acrylic and viscose fiber. There are many varieties of hand knitting yarn, but most of them are coarse yarn, fine yarn and flower yarn.
The density of coarse wool knitting yarn is about 400, generally 4 shares per share, each density is about 100. Senior coarse wool is usually made of fine wool, the price is expensive; and the medium rank wool is made of  intermediate coarse wool, this wool yarn is thick, strong, comfortable. The sweater woven by this kind of yarn is warm, and usually used for winter clothing.
newest wool chunk yarn(2).jpgA fine wool is also a kind of hand knitting yarn, and the density is 167~398, generally 4 shares per share. There are two kinds of twisted wool and ball wool. They are smooth, soft and beautiful. They are mainly made of thin sweaters. They are light and fit. They are used in spring and autumn, and consumption of the yarn is relatively low.

While the colorful yarn is a kind of hand knitting yarn that is great variety colors and continuous refurbishment of varieties, such as gold and silver wire clip, printing flower, size of beads, lines, bamboo, chain and other varieties. It has a special effect when woven into a sweater, to meet the requirements of different groups of people.


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