What are the characteristics of fancy yarns?

- May 09, 2017 -

Fancy yarns can be made by making various kinds of designs and matching colors. The use of fancy yarn is more flexible and can be made from natural fibers or chemically fibre. It can be used separately, and it can be used in a variety of components, so that it can achieve both the goal of the long and the short and the inherent characteristics of the individual.


Due to a variety of colors, a variety of modelling random combination in the same article yarn, when used in fabric, fancy yarn easy generation, changed the fabric surface macula ills, and make the color of fabric surface, stereo sense is strong. With fancy yarn as well as processing of all kinds of yarn-dyed female on-line, suiting clothing fabrics, such as decorative materials and processing, such as all kinds of hand knitting yarn adornment such as furniture, curtain fabric, fabric pattern is outstanding, unique style.
The yarn is not only widely used in knitting, but also has made great progress in the use of woven fabrics, which is the fastest growing in the home textile industry.
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