What are the categories of yarn according to the ingredients?

- May 31, 2017 -

Yarn is a continuous linear object made of various textile fibers. It is thin and soft, and has the basic properties required for textile processing and final product use.

The yarn is divided according to the variety of the raw material:

1、A pure yarn: pure yarn by the same kind of fibers, such as cotton yarn, wool yarn, viscose yarn, acrylic yarn, polyester yarn, nylon yarn and so on.

super bulky yarn.jpg

                                        Super Bulky Weight Yarn

2、 (mixed fiber blended yarn, blended) or twist yarn is the yarn composed of two or more than two kinds of fiber, such as polyester / cotton blended yarn, wool / polyester blended yarn, wool / acrylic blended yarn, polyester and viscose / acrylic blended yarn, silk / cotton yarn twist yarn etc.. There are more than two kinds of short fiber blended into short fiber yarn, known as blended yarn; and more than two kinds of filament yarn combination (such as twisting) into yarn, called mixed yarn.

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