Type and characteristics of fancy yarns

- Apr 28, 2017 -

Type and characteristics of fancy yarns 

Fancy yarn is refers to through a variety of processing methods for special appearance, handle, structure and texture of yarn, the type with fancy yarn, color yarn and fancy yarn.


The main characteristic of fancy yarns is has the appearance of the irregular and yarn structure, such as twist, twist, twist way change, gloss, heat shrinkable properties of the yarn itself, the normal yarn is different. This kind of yarn is made of yarn, wrap, bead yarn, chenille yarn, wrapped yarn, etc.


The main feature of the yarn is the color of the yarn in its length in different color changes or special effects. This kind of yarn products have rainbow line, difference dyeing yarn, blending yarn, printing yarn, printing line and so on.

Integrated the main characteristic of fancy yarns is has the characteristics of both the design and color of yarn and fancy yarn, such as interval color of seed yarn, multi-color silk yarn, gold and silver are broken, etc.

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