The requirement of yarn is analyzed from the performance of knitted fabric

- May 18, 2017 -

The performance of knitted fabrics, the style is the structure of its structure, the dyeing and finishing of the processing and the fiber type decide, also has the type of the yarn to decide. The requirements of the yarn are briefly discussed under the performance of knitted fabric.
The fabric is elastic and can be extended in all directions. Asked the yarn is soft and elastic, and has good elongation, yarn in weaving process is easy to bend, smoothly into a circle, and yarn twist, lower general twist factor to under 340.


2 knitted multiplexed into line, every single yarn knitting are intertwined, and the organization is loose, and between yarn and yarn gap is big, good penetrability, the article with coarse yarn on the details and do not divide evenly easier than woven yarn to show. At the same time, the knitting machine movement is complex and agile, the knitting needle gap is small, the large gauze defects and the cotton knot can cause the machine to pause or the needle hole, the needle break. Therefore, the knitting yarn is stricter than the requirement of the dry uniformity, the length of the medium long segment, the cotton junction impurities and the long short thick details.

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