The requirement of baby sweater yarn’s thick

- Jan 26, 2018 -

Baby sweater yarn on combing its main role is in the process of a large number of intensive card wire fiber small pieces, small beam further release into a single state, it will be further improved to a certain extent of the fiber lax, baby sweater knitting wool carding fiber after the horizontal linkages between basic been lifted, removing impurity and blending function more fully.But there are a lot of fibers that are bent.And there are curved hooks, and there is still a certain horizontal connection between each fiber.

The wool thread of baby sweater yarn adopts the combing effect of its combing machine to make a more detailed combing of the two ends of the fiber.In the process of using, it can be used to eliminate the short fiber and small defects of the length below, and make the fibers more parallel and straight.Chemical fiber because its length is neat, impurity is small, unbend parallel state is good, do not pass the processing of combing machine commonly.

The baby sweater yarn will be effective to comb the sliver of the card, so that it will gradually reach the predetermined thickness, such a process is also called draft.It lays the foundation for establishing a regular end-to-end relationship between fibers.However, the drafting will bring the short pieces of the yarn not uniform, therefore, reasonable drafting equipment and process parameters need to be equipped.

Baby sweater yarn twisting, when making use of article will have to turn around its own axis, the parallel to the article should be axial fiber spiraling, resulting in a radial pressure fixed longitudinal contact between the fibers.

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