The releasing fiber and combing effect of the super-thick Rug yarn

- Oct 18, 2017 -

In the releasing process of the super-thick carpet yarn, the yarn all in a mess or with horizontal close linkages will be effectively processed in a vertical order. The super-thick carpet yarn needs to turn the lump fiber into a single fiber state, to remove the horizontal linkages of the fiber material, and to establish a firm vertical linkage. The former is called the release of fiber, the latter called the aggregate of fibers. 
The releasing fiber of the super Rug yarn relieves the horizontal linkages between the fibers completely, which must be as possible as possible to reduce fiber damage. The aggregate of the fibers is to make the released fibers re-establish the vertical linkages, which are continuous, and the fiber distribution in the collection body should be uniform and with a certain linear density and strength at the same time.
The opening of the super-thick carpet yarn is to tear large pieces of fiber into small pieces and small fiber bundles. With the opening of the fiber, the contact force between the fibers and impurities weakens, so that impurities are removed, and the mixing of fiber is obtained. The opening function and the removal of impurities is not done once, but is gradually realized by the reasonable configuration of tearing, cracking and segmentation.

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mega bulky yarn

The combing effect of the super-thick carpet yarn carding machine is to use a large number of dense card wires on the carding machine to make the fiber further loose into a single state, so the release of the fiber will be further improved. The horizontal linkages between the fibers is basically removed, and the effect of impurity removal and mixing is more fully. But there are a large number of fibers in a curved shape, and there is a hook, there is still a certain horizontal linkage between each fiber.
The combing effect of the super-thick Rug yarn carding machine is to comb the two ends of the fiber in a more detailed way. The processing of carding machine can eliminate the short fiber and small miscellaneous of certain length, and promote the fiber to be more parallel and straight.

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