The reference standard and strength test of the wool yarn

- Oct 08, 2017 -

1. What is the wool yarn? whether there is wool yarn among them?
Yarn is one of the is a production with certain fineness which is made of various textile fibers. So it is mainly used in the field of weaving, rope making, thread, knitting and embroidery. Moreover, it is also a very common material in the textile industry. And there are many kinds, of which there are wool yarns.
2. Are the wool yarn and cashmere yarn same?
There are wool yarn and cashmere yarn in the yarns. However, from a professional perspective, the difference lies in a single word. Because, the cashmere is better than wool on the thermal ressistance and comfort. So the clothing made of wool yarn are very different from the clothing made of cashmere yarn in terms of performance.
3. What should pay attention to when doing the strength test of the wool yarn?
For the strength test of the wool yarn, we should pay attention to the inter-fiber cohesive force and  friction force on the materials. If there are undesirable phenomena on the fiber shape, it will affect  the degree of fiber touch and yarn strength. Therefore, at this point, we should pay attention to it and can't be careless.


the baby wool yarn

4. What is the reference standard of the wool yarn?
The reference standard of the wool yarn is FZT 71006-2009. In this standard, it specifies the technical requirements, testing methods, acceptance rules and packing marks of this kind of yarn, so as to be referred and executed by all of you.

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