The purchase experience sharing of the sock wool yarn

- Dec 05, 2017 -

When making socks, people can choose different fabrics. Among them, wool is a more common sock lining. The main advantage of the sock wool yarn is that it has excellent thermal insulation performance, and also has good resistance to stinky feet. However, the price of the sock wool yarn is also slightly more expensive than the average fabric.
Especially in the absence of heating, if you can wear a pair of socks made of the sock wool yarn, then will not be worried about the cold feet. However, there are many nominally 10 % to 20 % of the wool containing wool socks in the market, in fact, most of them are fake wool socks.


Therefore, as a consumer, when purchasing, we need to use some skills to make good resolution. First of all, when choosing the sock wool yarn, pay attention to checking whether the yarn evenness of the wool is plump and uniform, the wool head is round, and the twist is appropriate.
Secondly, in the actual selection, we can use two hands to pull the two ends of the sock wool yarn, so that the flexibility can be judged. The concrete practice is to pull the wool and feel it is in a tight state, and the hand handle is very soft, then the quality should be good.
During the purchase, it also needs to pay attention to observing the color of the sock wool yarn, judging its quality according to the wool  colour difference. This is because if the  colour difference is very large and the luster of the wool is not good, it usually means that the quality of the wool is not ideal.

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