The main production process of sofa wool and acrylic cushion yarn

- Nov 01, 2017 -

From the overall analysis, the production process of sofa cushion yarn can be divided into eight parts. The first link is to divide miscellaneous, basically is to mix some of the miscellaneous blacth to remove, lest affect the quality. At present, there are mainly physical methods, chemical methods, or combination of these two methods. The second part is the loose solution. The main content of this link is to make the more disjointed fibers to be arranged in a longitudinal sequence, with a certain degree of smooth yarn.


The third link is to loosen the loose, in this link, the main is to get the purpose further, also can make sofa cushion the cushion yarn to get sufficient mix. The fourth link is called carding, which further improves the loosening of the fibers. The fifth is the comb. After this process is processed, the fibers can be more parallel and straight.

The next sixth link is the drafting process, mainly will finish sofa wool and acrylic cushion yarn that after combing to pull fine processing, make it to arrive the coarse specification of the reservation. The main function of this link is to lay a good foundation for establishing regular end-to-end relationship between fibers.

Finally, there are two links, which are twisting and winding respectively. Usually we make the semi-finished product of the sofa cushion yarn or the finished product winding into a certain form, which can facilitate the transportation, storage and processing of the next process.

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