The main characteristics and processing principle of giant chunky yarn

- Apr 02, 2018 -

Under normal circumstances, the density of the coarse wool strands is about 400 tes, and it is generally 4 strands. The density of each strand is about 100 te. In the current market, pure wool coarse wool is spun with fine wool and is expensive.


The wool coarse intermediate wool is mostly made of medium wool. The main feature of this type of yarn is thick yarn, good strength, and full-feeling. The woven sweaters are thick and warm and are generally used as winter clothing.


Next, we will briefly introduce the processing principle of coarse wool. The first step is to remove impurities. In the spinning process, it is first necessary to remove the mash, that is, to perform preliminary processing on the raw materials, which is also referred to as preparation of the spinning raw materials. Due to the different types of raw materials, the types and properties of the impurities contained therein are different. Therefore, the processing methods and arts are different.


After the removal of impurities, the next step is to enter the release process. At this time, it is necessary to process the disorderly and transversely-connected fibers in longitudinal order, and the smooth yarns with certain requirements need to change the bulk fibers into a single fiber state to eliminate the horizontal contact between the fiber raw materials and establish firm Longitudinal connection between the beginning and the end. Then the combing in the coarse yarn processing.


After sorting out, we will be able to further make full use of the above links. Then comb the comb. The combing function of the combing machine is to use a more detailed combing method in which the two ends of the combing fiber are held separately. Afterwards, the drawing of the coarse wool is also carried out, that is, the sliver after drawing is drawn to a predetermined thickness, which is called drafting.


In the end, the finished pile yarn must be wound into a certain form. This is mainly for the convenience of storage and transportation at a later stage. This process becomes winding. The winding process should be carried out continuously without affecting the production and quality of the coarse wool products.

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