The main characteristic parameters and impurity removal process of the rainbow yarns

- Oct 25, 2017 -

Usually, the main characteristics of rainbow yarns can be judged from its basic parameters. At present, its main parameters include five, one of which is the volume density. This parameter can reflect the characteristics of the fiber stack of the rainbow yarn. The second important parameter is the number of strands and the direction of the twist.
The third characteristic parameter is the fiber twist angle and curl. This characteristic parameter mainly reflects the straightness of the fiber along yarn axis in the rainbow yarn. The fourth characteristic parameter is linear density and coefficient of variation, which will reflect the thickness and variation of the yarn. The last feature parameter is the interaction force between the fibers, including friction factor, entanglement point and active segment. This parameter will reflect the stability of the yarn structure.
In the production of rainbow yarns, it will involve an important link, that is, impurity removal. Usually, the product is mainly made of a number of short fibers of different lengths by splicing. Therefore, in the spinning process, we must first remove impurities to remove all impurities in the rainbow yarn, which is also part of the preparation before spinning.


Colorful Knitting Rainbow  Yarns

It should be noted that because of the different categories of raw materials used, the type and content of the impurities contained therein are different. Therefore, in the process of impurity removal, the method used will also be different. Usually in the processing of rainbow yarn raw materials, the processing methods mainly include chemical method and physical method. It can also combine the two methods together.

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