The knowledge point When you choose wool scarf yarn

- Jan 20, 2018 -

Scarves are essential winter warm supplies, scarves of different materials, wool scarves more popular. It is knitted with wool scarf yarn, not only good performance, but also diverse styles to meet the different groups of drought and decorative needs.
We are more choice when weaving scarves wool scarf yarn, wool knitwear, because this type of wool is affordable, and the quality is not bad, warmth is also very good. Choose wool scarf wool, the main look at the wool is dry and uniform, wool head to be round, and the twist to be appropriate.
We can use both hands to pull the woolen scarf ends, check the flexibility of the wool how; at the same time, wool scarf yarn  color is also very important, wool neither color, gloss is also very good, is our first choice .
In judging the quality of wool scarves, we also look at the color of wool yarn is not very positive, especially the overall feeling of wool is not very pure color, especially consistent color is important, the other to the overall absence of flaws wool For the best.

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