The introduction to Dyed Yarn

- Jul 06, 2017 -

Dyed yarn woven out of the fabric style to be a fundamental breakthrough, so favored by the vast number of consumers.
Suitable for dyeing yarns are: cotton, polyester cotton, nitrile cotton, viscose staple filament, acrylic, rayon, polyester filament, pure plush line, nylon thread, nylon staple filament and all kinds of blended yarn
Dyes can be used for segment dyeing: reactive dyes, acid dyes, disperse dyes, coatings and so on.
Dyed yarn performance indicators count
The number of branches of the yarn with a metric number to represent the number of large, fine cashmere, small count, wool rough.
Metric count refers to the number of kilograms per kilogram of yarn is how many yarns. Such as 1kg velvet length 18000m is 18 yarn.
Yarn, yarn twist
The twist of the yarn and the yarn is the number of twists in the length of the unit. Twist the twist to twist, "S" twist and "Z" twist, twist generally refers to the number of twist / m, wool yarn line count is different, twist is not the same, in order to facilitate the comparison of different count yarn and yarn twist, Twist factor "concept.


Dream in Color Yarn

"Twist coefficient" choice, the general pure wool is greater than the blended yarn, blended yarn is greater than the chemical fiber yarn, short hair content is higher than the short hair content is low, the yarn is thinner than the yarn branch rough.
Yarn and yarn of the strength and elongation
The tensile strength of yarn and yarn is strong. The length of the yarn is expressed by the load of the yarn, and the length of the yarn and the yarn is elongated.
The strength of the yarn and the wool yarn is closely related to the fastness and the production efficiency of the fabric. The strength is the foundation of the fabric's tensile strength. Therefore, the full yarn and the wool stretch are important indexes of quality, and the tensile strength directly affects its quality , The requirements must be appropriate strength and elongation, too large to make loose yarn and yarn loose, strong reduction; strong extension is too small, strong increase in the yarn and cashmere become stiff. Wool yarn and wool yarn and the strength of the use of raw materials and processing, as well as the fiber arrangement of different circumstances, good quality raw materials, fiber arrangement neatly, twisted and appropriate wool yarn line of the higher strength, flexibility will be good.
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