The general concept of nylon knitting yarn

- Aug 24, 2017 -

Nylon knitting yarns have two different functions at the same time, because it not only has a strong practicality, but also has a good decorative performance. From the application point of view, the material is mainly used for sewing a variety of different clothing materials. Nylon knitting yarn quality is good or bad, not only affect the sewing effect and processing costs, will also affect the appearance of the finished product quality.

Nylon knitting yarns made of raw materials for the wire has many advantages, such as a strong pull, good gloss, a certain tensile force, but also has high temperature performance. Wire products are mainly used in footwear, bag industry and the sofa industry. In contrast, the nylon thread is currently using the most common leather sewing thread.

Next, we mainly tell you about the nylon knitting yarn twist aspects of knowledge. The so-called twist, in fact, refers to the use of line fiber structure twist, which can promote a certain displacement between the cross-section of the wire, and then by means of straight fibers and the axis of tilt to change the structure of the line. Therefore, through this method can enhance the strength of the wire, elasticity, elongation, gloss and feel and other physical properties.


The reason why to emphasize this concept, mainly due to nylon knitting yarn twist and strong between a certain relationship. In a certain range, the twist of the line is proportional to the strength. But when a certain degree of twist, the strength of the wire but will drop. In addition, if the twist is too large, then it will cause the wire luster difference, feel bad.


And if the twist is too small, will have a lot of negative effects. In general, the nylon knitting yarn fracture performance, strength and twist are closely related. As for the size of the twist, the general is based on the needs of finished and post-processing to determine.

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