The experience and skill of connection and knot of thick crochet yarn

- Dec 30, 2017 -

When braiding thick crochet yarn,people always need to knot, it's usually a bunch of thick crochet yarn over another yarn, or some of the relatively poor quality of the thick crochet yarn intermediate knot is too large and too ugly, this all need to make a knot, then pick up other yarn.

How can we let the thick crochet yarn do not have knot when tying? The first is to choose the Suture needles of different sizes according to the thick crochet yarn. Then put one end of a thick crochet yarn into the center of another yarn. The thick crochet yarn that is connected in this way will not produce a knot and look very smooth. The transition is natural.

Maybe it is difficult to operate the methods above because of the thick crochet yarn is too coarse. So at the time of operation, the 10cm part of the thick crochet yarn must be trimmed to a fine yarn and put into another yarn. If the yarn belongs to double yarn, then can be cut in half, and the length is 10cm.

super bulky yarn.jpg

After this, lead the remaining yarn into another thread at the end of the center, straighten the end of the yarn slightly, and then will become a smooth yarn. Both of these two ways can make the thick crochet yarn connect without knot, can smooth transition.

With regard to the knot of the thick crochet yarn, in order to make its eyes small and strong, it can be stacked up at 2 to 3cm ends of two thick crochet yarns, and then bound into knots in a certain way. In the future, if we should meet similar problems and try the methods above.

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