The development of fancy yarn and classification

- Apr 25, 2017 -

The development of fancy yarn and classification

Fancy yarn fabric is developed since the 1990 s, the new fabric,  is also very popular in recent years a new type of decorative fabric. From the development of the current state of the domestic and international market analysis, enlargement in the application of fancy yarn, the share is rising. The development of the fancy yarn, yarn structure changed, and thus formed the unique style of products, and increases the fabric texture, make the product has a distinctive appearance effect and rich color, at present, fancy yarn has been widely used in clothing, decoration, industrial all kinds of products.

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Fancy yarn is obtained by various processing methods with special appearance, handle, structure and texture of yarn. Protean varieties, generally by the conductor, and act the role of line and line of the consolidation. Core yarn are all composed of skeleton, is acted the role of line attached to the body; Consolidation line is to act the role ofing line fastening on the core, make the flower shape fixed; Act the role of line is the main part of the formed yarn effect, is named after the yarn. Such as ornamental thread ring form is formed on the surface of the conductor is called the circle line, form and shape is called the spinning line.

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