The chunky knit blanket yarn can be used for the number of blankets needed

- Jan 24, 2018 -

Knitted thick blanket wool, it is a kind of wool

1. How many catties do you need for a thick blanket knitted one meter square?

Thick blanket, which is a kind of blanket, its main function and function is to keep warm, but is thinner than the cup.A thick blanket and knitting a meter square, then, the number of yarn jins, is to look at the actual situation, because, in different actual situation, will have different values, so there is no unified the answer.

2. What are the characteristics of coral-wool blankets in thick blankets?In addition, 1 jin knitting thick blanket wool, can be woven into a blanket?

The coral-fleece blanket in the thick blanket is characterized by its thick texture, good hand feeling, and excellent water absorption.In addition, the cover is soft and comfortable, not the ball.And one jin knitting thick blanket wool, whether it can be woven into a blanket, mainly to see the wool thickness, because it is decided by it.So, do not know wool line thick, cannot answer.

3. chunky knit blanket yarn, if it is the woolen thread of the whole sheep, the knitted blanket, is it light or heavy?In addition, what is acrylic pure wool yarn?Its ok?

Knit thick blanket yarn, if it is for the wool line of whole sheep, so, use it to weave blanket, in weight is bigger, so, it is heavy.So you can use it on thick blankets.

ACRYLIC cotton yarn, namely to contain 100% ACRYLIC yarn, and the English name for the ACRYLIC pressure grams.It can be used to weave a blanket, but it is important to note that it is static, so don't use it on children, but it won't shrink after washing.


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